1.  Who said, "The serpent tempted me and I ate?___________________

2.  Who was in prison with a baker and a butler?___________________

3.  Who was the first person to make wine?_______________________________

4.  What did the Israelite slaves have to make for the Egyptians?_________________

5.  What came out of the rock when Moses struck it with his rod?________________

6.  How many times did the Israelites march round the walls of Jericho before they fell?

7.  Who tricked Samson into telling her the secret of his strength?_______________

8.  Who said, "We have seen his star in the West and have come to worship him?_____

9.  Why did Mary and Joseph have to escape with the baby Jesus to Egypt?__________

10.   What did the wise man build his house on?________________________

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