Our Mission 

To adequately prepare for the coming of the Lord, through prayer, and the continuous studying of His Word. 
Our Vision

The members of Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church will begin to witness what the Lord has done for them in their daily lives, and become more prayerful and thankful.
Our History


In 1946, Rev. Jonas P. Turner started a small prayer band in an old house on Second Street

in the Greenwood Heights Community.  After several meetings, Rev. Turner asked Rev. J.L. Peterson if the prayer band could use the Franklin Lodge Hall to hold their meetings.  It soon became apparent that a church was needed in the community, and on October 20, 1946, Rev. Turner, six councilmen, and five members organized the church and named it First Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church.


The councilmen and members participating in this Christian endeavor were the Reverends J.L. Peterson, J.D. Brown, C.H. Hendel, J.R. Roberts, J.L. Leonard and J.P. Turner.  Rev. Turner served faithfully until his death on January 25, 1947.  The members served faithfully, continued their work, and on February 4, 1947, Rev. J.L. Peterson became the pastor.


During Rev. Peterson’s pastorship of First Emmanuel, The Sunday School was organized as follows:  Bro. Albert Peterson, Superintendent, Bro. Pink Williams, Treasurer, and Sis. Addi Adams, Church Clerk.


As the membership grew, Rev. Peterson saw that a church building was needed.  The task of finding a site, and purchasing construction materials was undertaken.  Bro. George Johnson saw how faithful the pastor and members were in their efforts, and sold them a lot for $250.00.  With this accomplished, the faithful few traveled to Shorter, Alabama to the Presbyterian Church in an effort to buy their old church frame.  The Presbyterian members were in the process of completing their new church; First Emmanuel was successful in obtaining the framework.  This happy occasion climaxed with the installation of Rev. Peterson and a fund-raising drive in the amount of $300.00.


Rev. Peterson served diligently and fervently with his membership until August 14, 1949.  On January 22, 1951, he was called to rest.


On September 12, 1949, Rev. L.W. Williams of Waugh, Alabama was called as pastor of the church.  The church continued to work under this leadership.


The year 1950 was very progressive.  Deacon George Johnson built the pool inside the church, and Mc Dade Lodge #514 laid the cornerstone on June 11, 1950.


September 5, 1952, Rev. L.W. Williams resigned, and on October 12, 1952, Rev. Frank J. Lowe became pastor.  His leadership brought the members to another mark of progression.  The Junior Choir purchased our first piano.  Upon the departure of Rev. Lowe, Rev. U.J. Fields was called.  Rev. Fields worked hard and served the members with all of his knowledge.  His resignation brought to us Rev. C.W. Kelly, who worked with us faithfully.  Under his leadership, the church was remodeled.  Rev Kelly served with a willing heart until his health failed.  He resigned and departed on February 1966.  The church called as pastor, Rev. Cicero Moore.  He served from February 6, 1966 to September 27, 1969.


On January 25, 1970, Rev. L.B. Black was called.  He served until June 1973.  In June of 1974, Rev. H.L. Jackson was called as pastor of Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church (formerly First Emmanuel). Under his leadership the following church improvements were made:

In 1974

·        The church was re-roofed

·        A water cooler installed

·        Screens were put on the windows

·        PA system purchased

·        New lights placed inside the church, and

·        The mortgage burned




In 1987

·        An Educational Center

·       Dining and kitchen areas were added


In 1988

·      A bulletin board was erected outside the     


In 1989

·        Gas lines for heating the Educational Center  
     were installed


In 1990

·        The restrooms were renovated 

In 1991

·        The baptismal pool was installed


In 1992

·        Ceiling fans were installed and the dining and
     kitchen areas were repainted


On September 5, 1993, the Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church began worshipping every Sunday.  Carpet was installed on October 5, 1994 and new pews were added.  The congregation continues to grow and new members are joining.  In 1995 – 1996 under Pastor Jackson’s leadership, we were blessed to have central air and heat installed in the sanctuary.


Pastor Jackson received the Doctorate of Divinity Degree, April 27, 1997 from the Tennessee School of Religion (Tuskegee’s Branch).


The journey is not over as we have moved from the years 2001 – to the present.  God is still in charge of our lives.  He has blessed us so that we could purchase a twenty-nine passenger bus to pick up students from Tuskegee University to attend church services, and others needing transportation to out-of-town events or trips.


We are determined to keep onward and upward with God as our guide, friend, neighbor, member and preacher, to lift His name higher and higher.

On May 5, 2009, Pastor Jackson accepted the position as Pastor Emeritus of Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church.  During his extended illness, the church saw a need to start a search for a new pastor. As a request from Pastor Jackson, Rev. Robert Harris, Sr. immediately took over the pulpit as Assistant Pastor, and later as Interim Pastor. Rev. Richard Cloud served and still serves as Associate Pastor.

A pulpit committee was formed to advertise for a pastor.  Beginning May 17, 2009, announcements were posted for those interested in filling this vacancy.  Through much prayer from the members, we were determined to find a pastor the Lord would send to us.

We were deeply saddened of the death of Pastor Jackson, who deceased on July 6, 2009.  Through his love and guidance for the Emmanuel Family for over 36 years, brought hardened hearts to a man we all loved so dearly.

In October, 2009, new speakers were installed in the sanctuary.  This has added extended sound in other areas of the church.  Thanks to the Trustee Ministry for carrying this project through.  The Lord has truly blessed our church family throughout the years.

In November, 2009, our prayers were answered.  The Lord graciously sent a pastor for Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church.  Rev. Jerome P. Norris accepted the position on November 29, 2009.  Thanks to God, we have a leader to carry on the duties of a pastor.  Through prayer, our mission has been accomplished.

Rev. Jerome P. Norris' Installation Ceremony was held on Sunday, December 27, 2009, at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church.

The year 2010 has been a blessing for Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church and its congregation.  Under the leadership of Rev. Jerome P. Norris, we have had new members join, and renovating and reconstruction were completed.  Support beams were added, improvement of drainage, painting the exterior windows and walkways, and beautification of the secretary's office with painting and carpeting. Rev. Norris served from December, 2010 to April, 2011.  We were blessed to have Rev. Gregory A. Sutton take over the pastoral ministry, and later voted as our Interim Pastor.

We were blessed to have Rev. G.W. Temple, handle the pulpit while Rev. Sutton transpired other business for two months.  Rev. Sutton returned to accept the position as pastor at Emmanuel.  He was voted on February 26, 2012, to officially become pastor of the church .   

Rev. Sutton served the church from 2012- 2018.  The church was installed with a security system and up-grades in the church during his pastorage.

We ask everyone for their prayers.  We are reminded, that according to Psalm 46:1 -" God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."



We are looking for more blessings to come our way- through faith and prayer, all things are possible!





Rev. Gregory A. Sutton was installed on May 6, 2012, as pastor of Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church. We now have a Minister of Music and a Drummer to uplift us every Sunday.

During the 2012-2017 years as pastor, we now a 24- hour  security survelience camera installed, Bible Study is 
 being taught, and much more is coming,  through the vision of Pastor Sutton.

 Pastor Sutton ended his pastoring at Emmanuel Missionary Baptist Church on October 28, 2018.

The Lord has truly blessed our church family. We are continuously looking for bigger and better things to help us in our christian journey. 

We thank God for this Christian Leader - Pastor Gregory A. Sutton.     We have  a bus to transport college students and others needing transportation to Sunday Services. The 25- passenger bus will be used for other excursions.

We are forever grateful for the support of our members in making some of our goals possible!  Our  Church Anniversaries  are proof, that we have truly come this far by faith... leaning on  the Lord. Trusting in His holy name, He's never failed us yet.


Sis. Portia W. Champion, Church Clerk/Historian

Dea. Johnie Green, Deacons Ministry Chairman
Sis. Deborah Baskin, Trustees Chairman